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Places to find US AI regulation

Places to find US AI regulation: A list of 9 official repositories of laws, strategies, and other activities. AI regulation is happening in the US, too!

➤Recently we've seen OpenAI and other big US tech companies call for AI regulation.

➤We've also seen debates on whether AI should be regulated in the US due to fears that regulation would inhibit innovation.

➤Both of these approaches can mislead people into believing that AI regulation doesn't already exist in the US. As if AI regulation is purely an intellectual exercise in the US context.

This is not the case!

➤Much is yet to come, but AI is already regulated in the US through means such as:

🏛 AI-specific federal laws

🏛 AI-specific executive orders

🏛 AI-specific laws at the level of states and cities

🏛 AI-related laws, such as privacy and copyright laws

🏛 Tech-agnostic laws, such as non-discrimination laws, which apply to AI

🏛 AI "soft law" initiatives, such as principles and frameworks

➤In the attached pdf, you can find repositories of those laws and other initiatives.

AI regulation US
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