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Who informs the US government about AI responsibility?

Concerning trends: Big tech dominance and perpetuating gender stereotypes

➤ Background

👉 The US government is holding meetings to hear from stakeholders about AI risks. The most recent one was at last week’s bipartisan AI working group.

👉But who attends the meetings?

👉 I’m starting to notice some concerning trends. Last week’s meeting illustrates them.

➤ Here is the list of attendees at last week's hearing


➤ Opposing sides: Big tech vs. social justice

😞 Only big tech or social justice advocates

😞No small/medium businesses

😞Academics barely represented

😞 Problem:

There are more sides to AI ethics issues

➤Big tech dominance

😞Big tech reps > social justice advocates

😞Some big tech had two reps at the meeting

😞Problem 1: Amplifies big tech perspectives

😞Problem 2: Increases big tech influence on regulation

😞Problem 3: Risk of weakening small businesses

➤ Perpetuating gender stereotypes

😞All big tech reps were men, mostly white

😞Almost all social justice folks were women

😞This perpetuates gender stereotypes

😞It also diminishes the perspective diversity

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