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AI Ethics Expert at
the AI Incubator

About this Project


I have joined the AI Incubator as an AI Ethics Expert to help startups leverage AI safely. 


My work to support startups includes:

➤ Social impact


  • Identifying the social and environmental impacts of their AI, negative and positive.

  • My approach: Start by identifying *who* the startup impacts, and then identify which of their rights are impacted.

  • A guidebook coming soon!

➤ Revenue impact

  • Identifying how AI responsibility (or lack thereof) impacts the company’s revenue

  • My approach: Look for sources of economic returns, intangible returns, and returns from the development of skills and knowledge.

  •  Based on this paper. A short explainer coming soon!

➤ Responsible AI Governance Maturity 

  • Measuring the company’s current level of AI responsibility

  • My approach: I have developed an AI responsibility maturity model based on the NIST AI RMF, probably the most well-respected guidance on AI governance. I will use it to help the startups map where they are and come up with a plan.

  • Paper reviewing the maturity model coming soon!

➤ Action plan

  • Build responsible AI practices into the company’s business model, including writing policies, designing processes, and setting up accountability structures.

  • My approach: If AI responsibility is a nice-to-have side-project, it’s doomed to fail. The trick is to incorporate AI ethics practices into the company’s business priorities and existing accountability structures.



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