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I help make data technologies safe and beneficial for all, especially AI.

I am a tech ethicist specializing in data technologies such as AI.


My focus is supporting tech companies, investors, and procurement teams in developing responsible AI approaches.


My recognition includes being named as one of the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics for 2023 by Women in AI Ethics and receiving a 2022 "Distinguished Paper" Award from FAccT, the top AI ethics conference.


My work has been featured in publications such as the New York Times, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat.

I earned my Ph.D. in Philosophy at UC Berkeley.

Ravit Dotan




I advise, conduct research, create guides, give talks. Some of my projects are funded through grants and other through clients.

I lead all AI ethics efforts at the, a generative AI startup.

Until recently, I lead an AI ethics lab at the University of Pittsburgh. Our research is about responsible AI governance. In addition to leading and conducting research, I fundraise and mange the budget.


I earned a PhD in Philosophy at UC Berkeley.


My PhD was about how power dynamics shape research in science and in the discipline of machine learning. For example, I worked on exposing political aspects of machine learning as a discipline, e.g., showing how metrics such as the accuracy of predictions can be power centralizing.

I published three peer-reviewed papers in top journals, co-edited a book, taught hundreds of students, and won 6 honors for my research and teaching.


 I co-founded and led a grassroot organization advocating for marginalized academics and students (It was a MAP Chapter, MAP stands for Minorities and Philosophy). Over the four years of my tenure, I oversaw hundreds of activists and dozens of projects that promote diversity, inclusivity, and equity.


I earned a BSc in physics and chemistry, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Over the past 20 years I worked in various tech roles, including Quality Assurance Engineer, Product Manager, and Vice President.


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