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Recent projects include

Tech companies - Identifying companies' negative impacts, building tech ethics strategies, and leading their implementation.

Thought leadership -  Writing articles, handbooks, reports, and other documents. A sample of my projects is available on my Protects page.

AI ethics vendors - Advising on the design of AI ethics products.


Investors - Developing customized responsible investment strategies in data and AI companies

Procurement - Developing toolkits for responsible procurement of AI.



Recent events include

Intro to AI ethics - What AI ethics is, the social impact of AI, the business case for AI ethics, and how organizations can improve their AI ethics maturity.

Panels - Popular topics include AI bias, generative AI, and AI regulation.

AI ethics workshop - Evaluating the organization's AI ethics maturity and identifying low hanging fruits for improving your organization's AI ethics maturity. 


30 minutes to discuss any question you have about career choices and upskilling in AI ethics

Popular topics include:

Understand AI ethics - Learn about the field, including finding AI ethics roles that are good fits for you.

Academics - How to transition out of academia.

Social media - How to post about AI ethics and network on LinkedIn.

This service is for individuals.



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