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Answers to FAQs When Starting a Career in AI Ethics

These FAQ answers are based on some of the questions that came up in Ask Me Anything session I held.

➤ How can people with non-technical backgrounds contribute to AI ethics?

In many ways! Including:

-- Understanding of social, political, environmental, and other impact of AI systems

-- Clarifying concepts such as fairness, bias, and privacy

-- Analyzing trends in AI ethics and spotting gaps

➤ How can people with technical background contribute to AI ethics?

In many ways! Including:

-- Operationalizing concepts such as fairness, bias, and privacy

-- Building technical tools to resolve technical challenges, such as finding bias in datasets

-- Helping diversify the AI workforce by providing mentorship and technical education to minorities

➤ What are some good resources to start with?

-- All Tech Is Human has a great job board here

-- Two great newsletters are The AI Ethics Weekly Newsletter by Lighthouse3 and Montreal AI Ethics Institute's newsletter.

-- The best brief and accessible explanation I know of AI and neural networks is this 10-minute video.

-- Andrew Ng's ML Coursera course is very helpful. A new version of it just came out, more about it here

-- See more recommendations for introductory resources on machine learning here

-- See more recommendations on news sources in AI ethics here

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