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Biometrics at Disneyworld: Dos and Don'ts

I was there last week! Realized it is a great case study.

➤ Background

👉 Disneyworld! Yay!

👉 We got tickets online

👉 Stood at the long line at the gate

👉 We expected only a scanning of our tickets

👉 But they also wanted fingerprints or a face image

➤ Disney did some things right

✅I was able to opt out

✅Someone answered my data questions

✅They claim to delete all data after the visit ends

➤ But I was disappointed

❌ No early notice

-There was no early notice of the biometrics.

-We found out about the fingerprints at the gate.

-Later, an employee took a photo without explaining.

-After asking, she said it was for facial recognition.

❌ Low transparency

There was no visible information about:

-If and when data is deleted

-How they secure data

-How they use data

-Ability to opt out

❌Opting out was difficult

To opt out, I had to

-Actively ask

-Leave the line

-Go stand in another line

-Then stand again in the first line

This procedure is a barrier:

-Many will not realize they can opt out.

-The cost of the added lines is high. This is Florida. In August. Lines are long, hot, humid, and exhausting. I can't imagine a family with children wanting to spend what could easily be an extra hour of standing in lines.

❌ Biometrics collection seems unnecessary

-Disneyworld uses plastic and electronic cards

-The fingerprints/face is additional to those

➤ How to do better

💪Allow easy opt-out

💪Visible & timely explanation of data policies

💪Visible & timely notice of biometrics collection

💪Visible & timely explanation of opt out procedures

💪Don't use biometrics if there isn't really a need for it

➤ Biggest lesson learned:

You can take me out of town, but you can't take me out of AI ethics!

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