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Caution! Distrust Google’s AI summary of search results!

➤ Background:

👎Recently Google started generating AI summaries of search results and putting them at the top of the search page

👎What a terrible idea, given the disinformation and bias embedded in generative AI

➤ Small example:

🔍I wanted to know how many Israelis live in the US

🔍I got false and inconsistent information:

➤ I want everyone to know 


➤ Insufficient guardrails 

🤔 It is easy to miss the fact that the text is AI generated, and those who are unfamiliar may not understand what that means. 

🤔Google has a disclaimer that’s supposed to help. But users only see it if they expand the AI summary, and the text is a gross understatement. It says: “Generative AI is experimental”.

🤔  What users really need to know:

🚨Generative AI is often wrong

🚨Generative AI is unreliable

🚨 Generative AI is biased

➤ Google’s irresponsibility

💣The risks here are off the charts

💣Misleading masses of people

💣Unimaginable piles of barely detectable falisites 

💣Widespread harmful actions based on the false information

➤ Google should remove this feature ASAP!

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