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Generative AI policy spotlight

Every, yes, every, organization needs a generative AI policy. I like Center for Democracy & Technology's policy. Here’s why and what I'd change.

➤ Why every organization needs a GenAI policy

👉Your employees are probably already using GenAI tools or will soon

👉Your 3rd party tools probably already have GenAI features or will soon

➤ 5 things I love about the CDT policy

👌Publicly available on their website

👌Explicit user responsibility for the outputs

👌Concrete examples of permissible usages

👌Clear description of the policy’s rationale

👌Distinctions between usages by purpose

➤ 2 things I would change

✋Don’t encourage using generative AI for brainstorming

I am generally against using GenAI for brainstorming when creating original content. Brainstorming is when new ideas emerge. Once you are presented with an existing idea, it’s tough to get away from it. In addition, if the idea is bad, the recovery time will be long.

✋Include clear accountability measures

What happens if someone violates the policy? Will there be penalties? And how will the organization know?

➤ Thank you, CDT, for a great policy example!

➤ Comments welcome - join the conversation in the LinkedIn thread!

👉 What do others think of the CDT GenAI policy?

👉 Recommendations on other good policies are very welcome! If I have enough, I’ll create a complication of GenAI policies.

CDP GenAI policy
Download PDF • 146KB



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