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How philanthropy can (and should) support the responsible AI movement

New article out! Read it here.

➤  My amazing co-authors are

Rachel Kimber - a grantmaking strategist and speaker/consultant on digital strategies and technological solutions for social impact.

Joanna Drew - an independent grant writing consultant and founder of Hilo Consulting. 

Mark Greer II is co-executive director at the Transforming Power Fund.

Highlights - Ideas for philanthropists:

💪Fund AI adoption in the social sector

💪Promote initiatives for reducing AI bias

💪Develop guidelines for AI use in philanthropy

💪Use AI to increase the positive social impact of the sector

💪Support the development of AI applications that benefit vulnerable groups

Thank you to the Center for Effective Philanthropy for publishing our article!

➤  Comments welcome! In particular, additional ideas for how philanthropy can promote AI responsibility are welcome. Join the discussion on the LinkedIn thread.



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