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How to buy AI responsibly: A list of 23 resources

Because AI responsibility includes AI buyers, and because buying AI responsibly is doing better business. Background 👉AI is helpful when used well. But, when used irresponsibly it can cause great harm. 👉Risks to society include discrimination, data rights violations, misinformation. The list goes on. 👉AI responsibility spans beyond the companies that develop the technology. It includes those who buy it, too. 👉 But buying AI responsibly is also just doing better business. Risks to organizations that buy AI include compliance, reputation, reduced revenue from the AI, and reduced talent attraction. In the attached PDF: 👉23 resources to aid in the responsible procurement of AI. 👉They are all intended for the public sector. But they apply to the private sector too. 🙏This list was compiled with the great help of Emmaline Rial.

The resources divided into four categories: 📢 Category 1 -- guidelines, general and targeted 📢 Category 2 -- tools 📢 Category 3 -- Repositories 📢 Category 4 -- Regulation Did I miss anything? Please let me know if so! I will add them to the pdf and will include them in the more detailed overview that I'm currently writing.

AI Procurement in Public Administration
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