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Interview: How will AI change the value of human skillsets?

How will AI change the value of human skillsets? The Financial Times interviewed me. Some highlights.


👉We all see how AI impacts the workforce

👉Some think that AI will shrink the job market

👉Others think that jobs will change, not disappear

👉This article explores how and interviews me

👉Link in the comments

👉Thank you to the authorHannah Murphy!

➤ Key points

💡AI augments

AI increases productivity when used to augment human skills, not necessarily replace them

💡Humans for long-term efficiency

Replacing people with AI may be efficient in the short term, but in the long term, the cost is a reduction in expertise, which would decrease efficiency

💡AI increases the need for certain skills

For example, critical thinking is crucial for identifying AI mistakes.

Cultural awareness is crucial for identifying biased assumptions.

💡AI creates new lines of work

Prompt engineering is one.

Another is labeling training data. While this work is currently looked down upon, it is pivotal to the success of AI algorithm.

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