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Light-It: A case study in evaluating AI governance

A case study in evaluating AI responsibility at a startup - Light-it’s experience!

Read the full article here.


➤ The evaluation framework: The Responsible AI Governance Maturity Model

💪I led the development of this framework for the last year!

💪 It helps companies evaluate the social responsibility of their AI governance and strategize about how to improve. It also helps external evaluators, such as investors and buyers, evaluate companies.

💪It’s based on the NIST AI RMF, one of the most influential AI governance frameworks in the world.

💪A link to the framework itself in the comments.

Is a digital product company focused on healthcare product development and healthcare innovation consulting. One of their platforms, Puppeteer, enables any healthcare company to construct AI agents with unparalleled human-like capabilities.

➤ Light-it used the maturity model to evaluate itself. In the article linked in the comments, we share insights from the process.

💡What they did to evaluate themselves

💡 What their approach to the evaluation process was

💡Growth opportunities in AI responsibility the company identified

➤ Huge appreciation to my Light-It partners Javier Lempert, Adam Mallat, and Macarena Balparda and to Benny Esparra who did a lot of work behind the scenes.

➤ I’m looking to pilot the maturity model with additional companies. Reach out if you’re interested!

➤ How do other people approach evaluating AI governance? Join the conversation on the LinkedIn thread!



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