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New Chinese rules for generative AI: Highlights

➤ Background:

👉Below is my summary of key articles in the Chinese document. It's based on a google translation of the document, so take it with a grain of salt. If anyone knows of a reliable translation, please let me know.

👉 I think these rules are laws, but I'm not certain because the title of the document is "interim measures". I couldn't find an answer on this, if anyone knows, please chime in.

➤ Applicability (article 2)

✍️The law applies to those who provide generative AI to the public in China. It doesn't apply to generative AI used for other purposes, such as research

➤ The rules (articles 4, 7, 8)

✍️Article 4.1 - Adhere to the core values of socialism, not subvert state power, not endanger national security, etc.

✍️Article 4.2 Prevent discrimination in design and training processes.

✍️Article 4.3 Respect IP rights, business ethics, and don't use algorithms to implement monopoly and unfair competition

✍️Article 4.4 Respect people's rights and interests, don't endanger people's physical and mental health, respect rights related to dignity, reputation, and privacy.

✍️Article 4.5 Improve transparency, accuracy, and reliability of generated content ["improve" the term in the google translation, but I wonder if it should be something like "ensure"]

✍️Article 7 - In curating training data: respect IP and privacy, improve data quality and accuracy

✍️Article 8 - In creating data labels, ensure quality labeling

✍️Article 12 - Mark generated content as such

➤ You can read more about this topic on the CNBC and Reuters which came out today.



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