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New paper! AI Governance: Insights from public disclosures

📣📣New paper out: Analyzing companies’ AI ethics practices based on public disclosures.

Here you can find the paper and a recording of my webinar about it. ➤ We analyzed public information about 250+ companies ➤ We checked for: 🕵️Prevalence of AI ethics practices 🕵️Correlations between signals of good AI governance, such as having AI ethics principles and implementation activities, such as mitigating unintended bias 🕵️Development of AI ethics practices over time ➤ Key conclusions 📝We find that the volume of reported AI ethics activities is low. 📝Typical governance signals, including the existence of AI ethics principles, do not correlate with implementation. 📝More companies declined rather than improved in AI ethics during 2022. Most stayed the same. ➤ Huge thank you to ❤️EthicsAnswer (Techstars '22) who provided the data ❤️Tess Buckley who spearheaded the project on the EthicsGrade side ❤️Gil Rosenthal who spearheaded that statical analysis ❤️Dr Joshua Scarpino, Thorin Bristow, and Luke Patterson who contributed to the analysis and writing ❤️The Notre Dame-IBM Tech Ethics Lab for supporting this project

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