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Podcast: Humans of AI

Sheikh Shuvo interviewed me on the Humans of AI podcast. You can listen to it here.

Highlights (in the third person because it was written by Sheikh):

  • Career Journey: Ravit shares her transition from a budding scientist to a philosopher, eventually focusing on AI ethics. She details her early career in tech, her undergraduate studies in physics and chemistry, and her philosophical exploration of reasoning in science.

  • Philosophy and AI: Ravit discusses how her interest in the role of values in scientific reasoning led her to question the so-called objectivity in machine learning. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing and managing social and political values in AI development.

  • Responsible AI in Practice: Exploring her work in responsible AI, Ravit offers insights into how companies can implement ethical AI practices. She stresses the importance of integrating these practices into business models and avoiding superficial commitments.

  • Power Dynamics in ML: Ravit touches on political aspects in machine learning, discussing biases in AI development and the influence of power dynamics.

  • Advice for AI Practitioners: Offering practical advice, Ravit encourages AI professionals to focus on real-world impacts of AI systems and to continuously educate themselves about the ethical implications of their work.

  • Don't miss: Insightful perspectives on the evolving landscape of AI and ethics, a must-listen for anyone interested in the responsible development of AI technology.

You can listen to it here.



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