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Report on AI regulation in Africa

New report on AI regulation in Africa! It’s the first I've seen and it's excellent. Some highlights and reflections.

➤ The report, by the Tech Hive Advisory, covers AI and data regulation efforts in 55 African countries

➤ AI laws and strategies

Of the 55 countries:

👉 5 adopted specific national AI strategies

👉 15 established an AI task force, expert body, agency, council, or committee

👉 6 countries plan or already attempt to enact AI laws (Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe)

👉 Some countries adopt a sector-specific approach to AI regulation (E.g., Mauritania, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania)

➤ Data protection laws

Of the 55 countries:

👉 37 have enacted data protection laws

👉 29 have established or designated a body to enforce their data protection laws

👉 33 include in these laws the right not to be subject to algorithmic decision-making

👉 30 include in these laws specify fairness as a principle of data processing

➤ Some reflections

⚡So much activity in Africa!

⚡I was struck by the fact that data protection laws commonly include protection from AI decision-making and fairness. I think many Western data laws don't have these components. 

➤ Does anyone have additional insights on AI regulation in Africa? Join the discussion in the LinkedIn thread

Africa AI regulation
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