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Responsible Investing in AI: A Guidebook for VC

I am so, so excited to share my "Responsible Investing in AI: A Guidebook for VC"! I've been working on it for the last year with VentureESG.

The guidebook is available here

➤ The guidebook helps those who invest in AI and data-heavy companies evaluate risks, determine investment eligibility, and plan how to support portfolio companies.

➤ The workflow has five steps:

📌 STEP 1: Decide whether the company poses AI risks

📌 STEP 2: Evaluate the risk of conflict with regulation and with your values

📌 STEP 3: Evaluate the company’s responsible AI maturity

📌 STEP 4: Decide whether the company is eligible for investment

📌 STEP 5: If you invest in the company, prepare to support it on data and AI ethics issues

➤ These steps are explained in a flowchart and a guidebook for VCs that cover:

✅ What is AI? What is AI ethics?

✅ How AI ethics impacts materiality

✅ How to conduct responsible AI due diligence

✅ Walkthrough: Due diligence case studies

✅ How to support portfolio companies on responsible AI

➤ Special thanks go to

Johannes Lenhard who worked closely with me on this project, and the VentureESG community, which has been an amazing source of insights.

Special thanks also go to Ilan Finkelstein, who is the talented graphic designer behind the flowchart.

➤ See the LinkedIn discussion here



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