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Responsible investments in AI — how VCs can make better decisions

New article out: Responsible investing in AI. I explain how investors can protect their ROI and society when investing in companies that develop or use AI.

➤ The full article is here

➤ Background

👉Developing and deploying AI irresponsibly creates financial risks. These risks include compliance, reputation, decreased value addition, decreased product adoption, and loss of talent.

👉Therefore, investors have a financial incentive to invest in AI responsibly.

👉But what should they do? That's the topic of my article!

👉I wrote this article for VentureESG, focusing on VC investors.

👉Link to the full article in the comments

➤ Highlights:

I recommend that investors take five steps:

💎STEP 1 Decide whether the company is an AI company

💎STEP 2 Evaluate risk of conflict with regulation & commitments

💎STEP 3 Evaluate responsible AI maturity

💎STEP 4 Determine investment eligibility

💎STEP 5 Provide support and oversight

In the article I explain these steps and illustrate on an anonymous fintech company (based on a real company)

➤ The article is based on my Guidebook for Responsible Investing in AI (created with VentureESG).

The guidebook is here



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