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What is AI?

The OECD.AI has adopted a new definition, and I really like it! Here’s why.

➤ The definition:

"An AI system is a machine-based system that, for explicit or implicit objectives, infers, from the input it receives, how to generate outputs such as predictions, content, recommendations, or decisions that can influence physical or virtual environments. Different AI systems vary in their levels of autonomy and adaptiveness after deployment."

➤What I like about this definition

❤️Not anthropomorphizing

Some define AI in relation to humans, e.g., as software that mimics how humans think or behave. But AIs are not versions of humans, so it is best to avoid that impression.

❤️Not technical

Some definitions get into the specific techniques AI engineers use (deep learning etc). However, the technical details may change over time, and they may overwhelm non-technical people who need to use the definition to identify AI systems.

❤️ Emphasizes humans’ role

In this definition, AI receives input and objectives. Humans are the ones who provide those, and that emphasizes their roles and responsibilities.

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