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What is the difference between AI ethics, Responsible AI, and Trustworthy AI?

Andreas Welsch invited me and other AI ethics experts to answer this question in 20-second videos.

Here are all the videos.

This is my opinion:

➤ There are no strict, universally accepted definitions for either of these terms. Often they are even used interchangeably. Having said that, here is how I understand them.

➤ AI ethics = a discipline concerned with understanding and managing how AI impacts people, society, and the environment.

➤ Responsible AI = AI that is developed and deployed in ways that minimize the risks it poses to people, society, and the environment.

➤ Trustworthy AI = AI that is worthy of the trust of its end users and impacted communities.

➤ Thank you to Andreas Welsch for inviting me to participate and to the other experts in the video for their insightful contributions: Brandeis Marshall and Rupa Singh

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