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Podcast episode: What should AI ethics review boards look like?

What should AI ethics review boards look like? I brainstormed this question on the Let's Get Phygital podcast, with Mark Maxey, Alexander Melton , and Amanda Esposito.

At the end, we envisioned the ethics review board as an independent organization which oversees multiple AI-developing companies:

➤ The board supports the companies in building internal channels for voicing and responding to ethical concerns

➤ The board can receive reports about ethical concerns regarding the companies it oversees from employees, consumers, activists, and any other stakeholder

➤ The board has the power to reward and penalize the companies it oversees, e.g., in the form of positive and negative PR

➤ The board has the power to protect those who report ethical concerns

➤ The board provides resources to help stakeholders understand AI ethics issues

The main ingredient for a board like this to exist is a few companies that are interested in participating!

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