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Bias in GenAI across platforms

New and excellent study on bias in generative AI! This one shows differences between text-to-image platforms.

➤ The paper:

Bias in Generative AI” 

By Mi Zhou, Vibhanshu Abhishek, Timothy Derdenger, Jaymo Kim, and Kannan Srinivasan

Read it here.

➤Summary (download as a pdf below):

➤ Reflections:

💡Bias in Generative AI is greater than bias in reality

💡The risk is exacerbating existing biases 

💡Bias levels differ across platforms

💡As consumers and buyers, we can favor less biased platforms:

--> Choose your platforms carefully

--> Ask about bias in your due diligence

--> Address bias issues in your contracts

➤What do other people think? Join the discussion on the LinkedIn thread!

Bias in GenAI
Download PDF • 717KB



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