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How can AI and philanthropy amplify one another?

Slides and highlights from my keynote at the AI & Philanthropy Conference hosted by the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy.

➤This was a participatory keynote!

👉I presented my insights

👉I facilitated group ideation

👉It was all in-person! The video will be posted soon

👉I am also writing a summary paper that will include the audience's input. Stay tuned.

➤ The deck includes my answers to the following:

🌟How can responsible AI amplify philanthropy?

🌟How can philanthropy amplify responsible AI?

🌟What would be the consequences for philanthropy if it doesn’t increase its participation in RAI?

🌟What should philanthropists do?

➤ More input is welcome!

Join the conversation on the LinkedIn post

➤ Thank you the organizers!

AI & Philanthropy - Ravit Dotan
Download PDF • 1.12MB



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