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US Regulation and AI in HR

 ➤ Background:

👉When thinking of AI regulation, the mind naturally goes to AI-specific laws, such as the EU AI Act.

👉But we must remember that AI companies are subject to the entirety of the legal system, which includes many general laws that apply to AI.

👉We’re already seeing lawsuits and enforcement activities based on such laws (such as the Mobley vs Workday case which I wrote about yesterday), and I predict that we will see increasingly more of them.

➤ Non-discrimination laws are front and center because so many AI systems are biased.

Lena Kempe brings it out beautifully in the context of AI use in employment

👉It includes a list of non-discrimination laws and guidelines related to employment.

➤  The attached pdf is a summary of Kempe’s list.

➤ What do other people think on the application of existing laws on AI systems? Join the conversation on the LinkedIn thread!

Non-discrimination laws
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