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CNBC interview: After OpenAI hearing, A.I. experts urge Congress to listen to more diverse voices

CNBC interviewed me for this article about last week's Senate hearing about AI. The article highlights the need for increasing diversity in government consultations.

➤The article is here

➤It is an honor to be quoted alongside AI ethics legends such as Margret Mitchell, Meredith Whittaker, and Safiya Umoja Noble

➤ Highlights of what I said:

👉While it makes sense for lawmakers to take Big Tech companies’ opinions into account since they are key stakeholders, they shouldn’t dominate the conversation.

👉The government should focus on enforcing the laws already on the books

I wished that lawmakers pressed more on some issues:

👉 "For example, when asked about the likelihood that AI will displace jobs, Altman said that eventually it will create more quality jobs. While Dotan said she agreed with that assessment, she wished lawmakers had asked Altman for more potential solutions to help displaced workers find a living or gain skills training in the meantime, before new job opportunities become more widely available."

👉“There are so many things that a company with the power of OpenAI backed by Microsoft has when it comes to displacement,” Dotan said. “So to me, to leave it as, ‘Your market is going to sort itself out eventually,’ was very disappointing.”

➤Thank you for a great article, Lauren Feiner!

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