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New Resource: The RightsWise workshop

➤ Introducing: The RightsWise Workshop

🎊 Benjamin Roome, PhD and I have developed this method for organizations to improve their AI responsibility.

🎊It’s based on identifying rights that AI systems impact. Hence the name:


🎊We’ve been iterating on it for the past year. So excited to have it out!!

➤Here are the steps at a high level

① Identify the stakeholders

② Identify which of their rights are impacted

③ Identify potential organizational responses

④ Commit to concrete actions for improvement

➤ Free for anyone to use:

🌞A deck to go through the process yourself

🌞A guidebook that includes two case studies (both generative AI)

Download both here

➤We also conduct this workshop at organizations and provide other forms of support.

Contact us if you'd like to discuss!



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