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Podcast episode: How to implement AI ethics

➤ D4Data hosted me for a conversation about how to implement AI ethics

➤ You can find the recording here:

➤ The topics we discussed include:

💛 How can we ensure that the implementation of AI ethics is not merely a performative act of moral posturing?

💛 How can we develop a comprehensive and coherent framework of ethical guidelines that can account for the diverse range of ethical issues that may arise?

💛 How can we ensure that our ethical decisions are not overly prescriptive or restrictive, while still providing sufficient guidance to AI developers and users?

💛 How can we address the fundamental challenges of bias, discrimination, and inequality in AI decision-making, especially in the context of sensitive or high-stakes applications?

💛 How can we foster a culture of ethical awareness and responsibility among AI developers and users, and what are the challenges of implementing such a culture?

💛 How can we integrate ethical considerations into the design and development of AI systems, and what are the implications of this integration for the overall performance and effectiveness of these systems?

➤ Thank you Deepak John Reji for inviting me, the fantastic questions, and this great snippet!

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